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The world Is silent.

People hide behind closed doors.
You must deliver the tapes to them.

NIGHTSLINK portrays the story of a lone deliveryperson tasked with recording, transporting, and delivering audio cassette tapes to an apartment building inhabited by reclusive and strange individuals. It is clear that something horrible has overtaken this world, and you can sense it getting worse by the day. As the darkness seeps into the liminal spaces of yore, truths will be revealed.

NIGHTSLINK merges PS1 era graphics with cinematic aesthetics to deliver a harrowing story of fear, isolation, and utter hopelessness. Although a playthrough takes about 20-30 minutes to conclude, the game’s imagery and mysteries will stay with you longer.

  • Get immersed in a mysterious and horrific world of fear and isolation.
  • Uncover what is happening in the world of NIGHTSLINK by interacting with very strange individuals.
  • Explore environments inspired by the nostalgic horror games of old.
  • Navigate a crafted narrative punctuated with secret interactions and strange occurrences.
  • Be transported to surreal and nightmarish atmospheres by the gorgeously harrowing dark ambient music.


Buy Now$3.29 USD or more

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I really love this game. I know I'm late but, its so well done and polished. So creepy and unsettling, and very mysterious. 10/10


Still one of my all time favorite horror games! 10/10



Amazing concept, where everything from visuals to sfx is so well designed to build up tension and plant uncertainty. Really "preparing" the player for the ending.
Masterful work!


 i love it :)


This game looks GREAT!!!! hoping to collab with you on future horror gaming projects


Without a doubt it is an interesting game. The PSX-style look is enchanting and the story, although told indirectly, is quite intriguing. Congratulations on your game.

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I'm not sure what just happened, but I loved it!
Serisouly, though, this game borders on high art and cinema.

Excellent game but I wish I could find the stranger.

A decent game with a *possible* symbolic meaning, however I could be over analyzing. 

Full Playthrough Below:

Would there be a possible release for Mac? I’d love to try this out! 

Amazing game, love the nonstop unsolvable mysteries.  Very thought provoking.  If you're a fan of these type of games, you must try it!

Mmmm I don't know what to say about it, because I love the game but I don't like the way the man from the video has his face xd

Saí com mais perguntas do que respostas, mas foi uma ótima experiência. 

In my mind, I'm delivering the devil's mixtapes to people to hype up his upcoming world tour.

Are there any plans for a Linux version ?


Definitely left me with a lot of questions. I wish I knew just that little bit more. Thought provoking.

This looks great. Any chance of getting an invert mouse option to the settings menu?

I'll look into it! Thank you for the suggestion. I'll let you know if I end up adding it.

Damn, this looks amazing. Any chance for a Mac version?


Hey! A Mac version is unlikely for now, but I'll let you know if that changes

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Great game! Played it several times, digging into it a little deeper with each playthrough. But heck, how do I deliver that letter? Tried everything I could think of, but I just don't get it... Finally, I got it. Sneaky!


You just might be a little too late...

Exactly :-)

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Deleted 2 years ago

Really reminds me of Paratopic, any inspiration from that game? Otherwise, good game as I'd expect from you, Noiseminde 

Any chance you could add payment via a credit card?


Hello! You should now be able to pay via credit card.


Thank you!