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a very unique horror game very interesting with a terrifying ending 

Este juego me dio uno de los mejores sustos que he tenido. Fabuloso
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Interesting game. You managed to set up the atmosphere very well here. Congratulations.

DUDE! Sound Design.....Insane! Atmosphere....Insane! I can't believe such a simple game can turn a grown man into mush. Honestly, job well done. Can't wait to see what else you'll bring to the table. Enjoy <3

This game was quite scary and really surprised me, I liked the ominous goat background noises a lot, I like the finding and following the tracks element a lot. I loved the overall ominous and uncomfortable feeling. The tracks were a tiny bit hard to spot at times though.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere that you created and the constant noise of the goat! It really added tension throughout the search! Loved the jumpscare, great job! 

Nice game.  Took me quite a few goes to complete as I kept getting lost :)  Was quite rewarding once I finally made it ;)  I look forward to seeing more games from you.  

Here is my playthrough:


This was not bad. Took me 17 actual minutes because I got lost at one point. Not bad though like the graphics. Made a video on it.

Não teve muito terror no jogo mas achei interessante a idéia. Seria legal caso a tensão fosse aumentando gradativamente, e ele achando armas e roupas de outros caçadores, até culminar na caverna final. 

all the comments are videos lol. all jokes aside very epic game that jumpscare was cheap but effective non the less.

(I play goat at 00:31 btw)

Fantastic game! Took me a minute to get a hang of the tracking mechanic, but once I did it was great!

Even though the game was a bit laggy for me, I thought that this was super well made. Especially for something made in just 48 hours! You captured the horror game atmosphere perfectly, great job!


Ill be playing this live 3/9 6:30 EST on twitch

The atmosphere of this game was very creepy. Great work! 

Good job! I like your plot.

That was kinda nuts how OPEN the world is.. and well.. the reaction at the end says it all. Well, well done. Short and to the point. 

Will I Be The Sacrifice?
Random Scary Games - Goat 


No.1 in this video.

Short and sweet, it took me a bit to figure out the where I was suppose to go but over all it was neat, good work :)

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I liked this one and the open world feel but I literally went to the edge of the map and back. I climbed the hills and went on an adventure.  Starts at 4:32  But, I found  the cave!

I wasn't expecting the jumpscare at the end at all lmao. Really enjoyed playing though! 

I thought this was pretty good I liked the atmosphere and build up to the end.

This was the second game I played in this video. This was a very interesting idea of running around trying to mark the footsteps and following the goat noises. I love that you can go anywhere at any time, it offers the player a lot of freedom. The ending of this game was fantastic! I do wish we could get some clarity at the end or some sort of conclusion to what happened to the character we played as instead of just flashing the name of the game. Overall, very fun to play!

Great story!! Short and great!!

The game was alright, I did not find it too scary, but decent atmosphere. Good one. 

Cool non creepy atmosphere actually makes you not expect a jumpscare like in the end and it actually gets you even more, i liked the experience of exploring and thank you for making this! 1st game.


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That jumpscare was brutal man keep it up!

Also, I'm doing a 100-day upload challenge and your game was #40!


very good short game


Cool game indeed. Goat hunting is new lol. The jump scare got me good too! Game here: 

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love your game :):):)

Congrats on first place!  Definitely deserves it.

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